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Service List

Whether you're seeking relief from eye conditions or looking for the latest in vision correction options, we're here to provide expert services.

Eye Examinations.png

Eye Examinations

- Comprehensive Eye Exams

- Pediatric Eye Care

- Senior Eye Care

- Diabetic Eye Exams

- Emergency eye exams (e.g., red eyes, foreign body, eye infections)

Vision Correction.png

Vision Correction: Specialty Services

- Myopia Control Consultation 
And Prevention

- Consultations For Vision
Correction Surgeries (e.g., LASIK, PRK, ICL)


Glasses Care & Maintenance

- Frame Adjustments And Repairs
- Complimentary Professional Glasses Cleaning
- Lens Replacements
- Lens Tinting
- Lindberg Authorized Retailer (Repair And Warranty)


Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

- Prescription Eyeglasses And Sunglasses
- Designer Eyewear Selection
- Prescription Safety Glasses

- Specialty Eyewear Lenses (e.g.,Stellest, MiyoSmart, Blue Light Filtering, Anti-Glare, Polarized)

- Personalized Lens And Frame Measurements With Optikam

- Prescription Swim Goggles


Miscellaneous Services

- Third-Party Vision Test Requests

Diagnostic Services.png

Diagnostic Services

- Digital Retinal Imaging
- Corneal Topography
- Axial Length Measurement
- Intraocular Pressure Measurement
- Digital Refraction

Contact Lenses.png

Contact Lenses

- Contact Lens Fittings
- Colored Contact Lenses

- Specialty Contact Lens Fittings (Orthokeratology, Abiliti, MiSight)


Products For Sale

- Dry Eye Products (e.g. ,Hylo, IDrop, Naclino)

- Contact Lens Care Products (e.g. ,ClearCare Solution, Menicon Progent Cleaner)

- Orthokeratology Accessories (e.g. ,Lens Remover)

- Glasses Maintenance Products (e.g. ,Anti-Fog Lens Cleaning Solution)


Ocular Disease Management

- Dry Eye Treatments 
- Cataract Evaluation
- Glaucoma Risk Evaluation
- Age-Related Macular Degeneration Evaluation
- Floater Assessment 
- Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) And Strabismus Screening And Management

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