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Specialty Services

Outside of your routine eye exams and standard contact lens fittings, we also offer the folowing services at our clinic:

Myopia Control Management

Myopia control management aims to slow down the progression of nearsightedness in children through interventions like overnight contact lenses, multifocal contact lenses, or atropine eye drops, reducing the risk of high myopia and preserving long-term eye health.


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Pediatric Eye Exams

Eye exams don't have to be scary for the little ones. Our pediatric eye exams are carried out in a series of "mini-games" to help make the experience more enjoyable. We recommend your child to have their first eye exam at 18 months old. OHIP covers for full eye exams annually until their 20th birthday. 

Dry Eye Management

Dry eye management involves a comprehensive approach to alleviate symptoms and improve tear quality through treatments like artificial tears, lifestyle modifications, prescription medications, and advanced therapies such as meibomian gland expression.

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Emergency Eye Exams

Got a red eye? Seeing flashes and floaters? We can help! Emergency eye exams are available during our office hours. Although we try the best to accomodate your request, please be aware that in case of an urgent eye issue, it is important to seek immediate medical help instead of solely relying on booking an exam.

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